Analytical tools designed for day-, medium-, and long-term traders, enabling them to identify assets with the highest interest rates and pinpoint optimal entry and exit points

Market indexes
  • Cluster Chart

    Analyze supply, demand, and volume delta for assets from the biggest exchanges

  • Market Stat

    Access aggregated market information and unique market indexes, such as ALT/BTC, BTC/STB

  • Screener

    Analyze between 4 and 16 charts simultaneously, eliminating the need to manually sift through one chart per exchange

  • Education

    Learn how to find liquidity, assess risks, evaluate objective demand for an asset, and reinforce your knowledge with interactive tasks


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Free Cluster Chart

Access information about volumes, number of trades, and their deltas across 10,000+ trading pairs from over 20 of the largest exchanges

  • Free Cluster Chart

  • Automated Volume Search

  • Aggregation of Trades Across All Currencies

  • Auto-Search for Limit Orders

  • Market Correlation Tool

  • Signals for Statistical Arbitrage

  • Price Reversal Indicator

  • Market Indexes

We are

  • Analytical Platform

    An all-in-one platform providing comprehensive data on supply and demand – the fundamental drivers of price

  • Educational Platform

    Choose from various learning formats: a free self-paced interactive course, personal mentorship, or a group video course led by the platform's founder

  • Traders Community

    A space where traders converge, share ideas, refine strategies, prevent fund drains, and achieve profitability together

Get access to visualized order flows from major exchanges

Resonance Platform

Resonance delivers precise and objective analytical insights for both the entire market and individual assets providing a profound understanding of market trends with cutting-edge data

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    Go Through a Short Onboarding

    Familiarize yourself with the platform and its capabilities through a brief onboarding session, along with free interactive lessons

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    Analyze Volumes and Find Accurate Entry and Exit Points

    Evaluate market sentiment and identify a group of assets with the highest interest rates. Then, use a cluster chart to analyze individual assets, determining when to find, how long to hold, and when to exit


Nanny Memecoin

Nanny Memecoin


Great job @resonancehldg! I haven't encountered anything like this in the financial markets. Noone others comes close to your level of software and education. Super!




The best and most adequate tools for scalping I've ever met. I highly recommend @resonancehldg for those who are looking for more information about limit orders and price reversal indications.

Danyel Memecoin

Danyel Memecoin


Have you seen this beautiful @resonancehldg cluster chart? I'm happy that there is a platform that provides information on volumes in such a convenient and accurate form.

Frequently asked question

01What is Resonance?

It is an analytical platform that is used for searching and analyzing supply and demand volumes. Serving as a market sensor, Resonance helps to assess market sentiment and determine in which asset group (ALT, BTC, STB, etc.) demand is increasing.

Unique search algorithms based on our team’s years of financial experience using machine learning allow you to find the prevalence of demand over supply (imbalance) faster than most and, consequently, earn more.

A cluster chart assists in finding a specific entry and exit point for a trade.

Concurrently, Resonance offers an interactive marketplace with real-world examples.

02Advantages over technical analysis

Technical analysis uses price as the main indicator, both for manual analysis (candlestick, charting), for indicator analysis (RSI, MACD), and automation.

However, the price is determined by the interplay of supply and demand volumes. When demand dominates the market, buyers create shortages, leading to an increase in prices.

Using simple charts on the Resonance platform you can understand the movement of volumes and the balance between them.

03I trade in futures

The platform features tickers from the most popular futures exchanges, ensuring real-time data accuracy on the charts.

Why so?

Futures contract prices are established in the spot market, eliminating the necessity to analyze futures quote volumes. The surge in demand on the spot market serves as the cause, leading to a subsequent increase in futures prices. Approximately 95% of volumes in futures are attributed to arbitrage and margin noise

04What are market indices?

Our research indicates that merely knowing transaction volumes is insufficient; one must comprehend the equilibrium between supply and demand, track how this balance has evolved, and identify the current movements of funds—both withdrawals and investments.

For this reason, we have developed indices to ascertain:

● the amount of money spent by buyers or sellers during a price movement,

● the ticker groups from which money is withdrawn and those in which it is invested.

05I have no understanding of volume analysis

We understand that acquiring certain knowledge may take years, so we have streamlined that journey by establishing an online university. Our interactive course is designed to swiftly and comprehensively guide you through the concepts of scarcity, how to identify assets with scarcity, and how to capitalize on them for profit.

Our training is instruction on how to use the tools and a few trading strategies.

06Is there any way to learn how to use the platform without training?

Yes. There is a question mark on almost every window with accompanying text and video prompts for clear explanations.

The simplest algorithm to use:

● Go through the screener, page by page, and identify a significant accumulation of clusters, preferably without a significant price change.

● Go to the Market Time & Sales and analyze the asset in detail: if there is a significant accumulation at the bottom of the price movement, it resembles demand; if at the top, it indicates selling off.

While this may be a simplified approach, it proves to be more effective than any method of technical analysis.

07How much does the platform cost?

While most of the platform features are accessible for free, there are limitations on timeframes and data types. Details about the costs of additional tools can be found on the Tariffs page.

A free trial period with a slight data lag is also offered, allowing you to observe how the search algorithms perform historically.