Bidsbee, Our Crypto Social Trading Partner, Is Live!


Until now, crypto trading has been a privilege for experienced traders knowledgeable about the crypto market. Bidsbee, our new partner, is changing it!

This crypto social trading platform is a perfect entry point in the world of crypto trading for beginners and a wonderful opportunity for experienced traders to generate new sources of income and benefit from the most extensive set for trading crypto.

What Is Bidsbee?

Bidsbee is an ultimate crypto social trading platform that moves crypto trading to a qualitatively new level. Along with an extensive set of functionalities that allow not only experts but also complete newbies to benefit from a highly volatile crypto market, Bidsbee ensures a safe crypto trading environment with an option to test the platform before delving into trading with real money.

Bidsbee Offers Traders All the Functionality They Need

Bidsbee aims to embrace all traders independently of their experience. Therefore, it has developed an extensive set of functionalities to ensure everybody can find something for themselves.

Trading Terminal

An advanced crypto trading terminal expands the standard functionality of a centralized exchange and allows you to manage all your CEX trading accounts in a single place.

There, you can place all types of orders, set up trailing, and benefit from using crypto trading algorithms. This functionality is perfect for experienced traders who know how to seize all the available market opportunities.

Copy Trading

The copy trading functionality is created for beginners and those who don’t have time to monitor the market. To start copying the orders of a trader, you need to:

  • Register an account on Bidsbee
  • Connect your CEX accounts by using API keys
  • Pick a trader to copy
  • Subscribe to them
  • Set up limits for copying and limits for losses


After that, the orders of the selected expert will be copied to your profile. You can unsubscribe from a trader whenever you want.

If you are an experienced trader, you can benefit from the copy trading functionality, too. Create a Public Trader profile, set up a subscription fee (as much or as little as you want), and trade like you usually do to collect some statistical data. Once the needed data is collected, the profile becomes visible to users, and they can start subscribing to you by allowing you to benefit from each user.

Trading Signals

Timely and reliable trading signals delivered to the right channel allow you to capture all the opportunities of the constantly changing crypto environment. Bidsbee allows you to pick from an extensive range of crypto signals, and as soon as a buy or a sell signal is generated, it is sent directly to the Telegram channel.

With them, you can be sure that you won’t miss a single opportunity to earn.

Trading Bots

If you prefer to automate your crypto trading experience, we recommend paying attention to the extensive set of Bidsbee’s bots. Pick one of several bots, purchase them, set them up, and benefit from whatever opportunity comes.


Additional Perks

Trading with a virtual balance

Those who want to test the platform or brush up their trading skills can trade with a virtual balance without risking real assets. In such a case, you don’t risk real money (but you aren’t earning real money, either).

No charges on your revenue

Bidsbee doesn’t charge a share of your revenue no matter how much you earn. You pay only for purchasing a Pro package and a subscription fee for an experienced trader if you choose copy trading.

Traders who have a Public Trader profile are charged 15% of their income earned through subscription fees.

Trading in a Safe Non-Custodial Environment

Bidsbee offers non-custodial services. It means that it doesn’t collect nor store users’ funds. Neither does it require a (Know-Your-Customer) KYC or any other verification process. If you have a CEX account, it means that you’ve already completed all the verification steps and complied with all the requirements.

The platform offers a safe trading environment proofed by Hacken expertise. Thus, traders can focus on increasing their earnings while Bidsbee takes care of the rest.

Disclaimer and Risk Warning

Crypto trading is a risky activity and thus, Bidsbee doesn’t guarantee any profit even in the best market conditions. Even when copying a professional trader, you can experience losses if the trader makes a mistake. This is why it is recommended to do your own research and assign only those funds for trading that you can afford to lose. Bidsbee, from its side, offers all the tools to minimize risks and maximize all existing trading opportunities.

Plans for the Future

The Bidsbee team claims that future platform development will be determined by the demands rising in the market and the needs of users. With the team’s ambitious plans and their potential, we are sure that the platform will continue delivering top-quality services to its users.


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