Opportunities for traders with Good Crypto – official partner of Resonance


Now official partners

Trader, we have great news for you!

The Resonance analytical platform and the GoodCrypto app have become official partners!

What does this mean?

Now, analyzing volumes with Resonance and making sound financial decisions you can trade with the GoodCrypto app, which not only supports 35+ exchanges but also offers a number of advanced features. By using the best tools from both platforms, including GoodCrypto’s crypto trading bots, you have the chance to increase your income by improving your existing trading strategy.

What is GoodCrypto?

GoodCrypto is a powerful multi-exchange trading and portfolio management app for crypto traders, offering a range of trading tools for more than 35 top-tier spot and derivatives exchanges.

The app takes pride in delivering even the most advanced features within an intuitive and easy-to-set-up interface, ensuring a fully-featured and seamless user experience.

GoodCrypto enables real-time portfolio tracking and provides a professional-grade trading terminal equipped with a comprehensive suite of advanced trading tools to empower traders in executing trades and making informed decisions based on real-time data. You can trade spot and futures markets in a single interface with the best trading tools such as:

  • Trailing stop orders utm_source=resonanceholding.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=collaboration_ann
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit combinations
  • Advanced charts and technical indicators
  • Smart alerts, etc.

One of the standout features of GoodCrypto is its algo trading functionality. It allows users to automatically run proven trading strategies without the need to know or use code. The app offers three different bot trading strategies:

  • Infinity Trailing Bot, which turns any market trend into a profit by automatically juggling trailing stop orders to capture strong up or down market movements.
  • Grid Bot, which is most effective in a flat market and helps to profit from price volatility within a range.
  • DCA Bot, which works in any trend market and allows you to accumulate assets over a long period of time.

Each bot is designed to profit in different market conditions and can help you grow your crypto portfolio, reduce trading stress and take advantage of price changes in any market cycle.

What is Resonance?

Resonance is an analytical platform renowned among traders for its advanced set of volume analysis tools. Resonance tools are suitable for both day traders, medium-term traders, and portfolio investors.

The platform offers traders:

  • Automated volume search
  • Automated limit order search
  • Trade aggregation for all currencies
  • Free cluster chart
  • Unique crypto indexes similar to the S&P500
  • Ten advanced search engines

No less cool – Resonance has created its own University with free access to 37 interactive lessons on trading and financial market analysis. Students will learn how to find liquidity and assess risk and objective demand for an asset. And hands-on exercises based on real market examples will help you create or update your trading strategy.


Bonus from GoodCrypto

The partnership between Resonance and GoodCrypto is a great opportunity for traders to improve their performance. GoodCrypto offers you an exclusive 30% discount on an annual PRO subscription when you sign up via the web application using the promo code: RESONANCE30.


  1. Go to the GoodCrypto web app.
  2. Subscribe for an annual PRO package using the promo code: RESONANCE30.
  3. Enjoy your trading with the most sophisticated tools and features through the web app, iOS, and Android.

The discount also applies to the Algo 2x add-on if it was added to the subscription during the purchase with the applied promo code.

The clock is ticking, and the offer will expire on December 31, 2023. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to access GoodCrypto’s PRO functionality at the best price possible.

! Important notes:

1. The discount is valid for subscriptions made through the web app only.

  1. The deal is available for the first 100 users who use the promo code or until December 31, 2023.
    3. The offer applies only to new GoodCrypto users.
  2. The discount will be lost if you subscribe, then cancel the subscription, and subsequently subscribe again. Do not cancel your subscription as you will lose the discount.

Please register via the link and improve your crypto trading experience with GoodCrypto.


With this partnership, we hope to provide you with the best opportunities to analyze the market and execute trades. Volume analysis will help you make educated decisions and avoid mistakes in the trading process while trading on a modern technological terminal will help you better manage risks and improve your trading strategy. Good luck!


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